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Flat Printing Guide (Digital vs. Offset)

Both digital printing and offset printing offer a high quality solution for recreating images on a physical display.

Digital Printing prints directly to paper without using plates and is limited to 4 color process printing.
Offset on the other hand uses computer to plate technology and lithography to transfer an inked image onto the paper. The best solution for your project actually depends on your deadline and specifications.

Turnaround Time & Cost Per Unit

Digital Printing:

Offset Printing:

Because of the set up cost, offset printing tends to be a better solution for larger runs, but digital may be a better solution depending on your deadline. Additionally, even for smaller runs, digital printing may not be suitable for your desired medium (heavier stock, vinyl, etc.). Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we’ll be glad to help you understand the most effective way to bring your project to life.